Workshop on Institutionalization and Inclusive Digital Education at the Técnico Lisboa

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Workshop on Institutionalization and Inclusive Digital Education

Project members participated in a Workshop on Institutionalization and Inclusive Digital Education that was held at the Técnico Lisboa on June 26-29, 2023.

In particular, the participants had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the best practices of digital integration at the Técnico Lisboa, the features of the institutionalization of the new PhD programme model, modern digital learning tools, and procedures for the institutionalization of certification systems for inclusive online courses. In addition, the project members got insights into modern inclusive digital techniques for distance learning with remote laboratories and the international experience between Spain and the Dominican HEIs in this field.

At the same time, project participants discussed the vision, goals, structure, and target groups of the multi-institutional inclusive virtual campus (MIIVC). Special attention was paid to the admission procedures, and students support, taking into account the needs of users with diverse abilities and directions of further cooperation with a wide range of stakeholders.

In order to strengthen the international cooperation between Ukrainian partners (State University of Trade and Economics, Lviv Polytechnic National University, Semyon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics, Dnipro University of Technology, and NGO “Civic Synergy”) with the Técnico Lisboa, a meeting with the Rector was organized. As a result, further cooperation in educational and scientific fields was discussed.

Many thanks to Técnico Lisboa for organizing and hosting the Workshop and especially to Ana Agante Lucas and Rui Mendes.