Training on the Development of Tools for Ensuring Inclusive Digital Education

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Training on the Development of Tools for Ensuring Inclusive Digital Education

From November 27 to 29, 2023, a training was held at the University of Alcala (Alcala, Spain) focused on developing tools to ensure inclusive digital education.

The training session started with a discussion on the technical assignment of developing a multi-institutional inclusive virtual educational campus (MIIVC), delivered by AFID teams from the Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics. The group explored the virtual campus's features, design, user interface specifications, software tools, and curriculum content. The meeting placed particular emphasis on implementing tools and techniques to guarantee inclusivity within the virtual platform.

Oleksandr Dlugopolskyi, Executive Director of the NGO Public Synergy, conducted a series of training sessions on:

  • The essence and features of inclusive education in today's conditions. Challenges and barriers to inclusive education and the role of online learning platforms in overcoming them;
  • Student of the AFID project: identification of the personality of the student/potential student and outline of the individual needs of the trainees.
  • Understanding the student's motivation for using inclusive online courses;
  • The model of an immersive university: how to improve cooperation between teachers and students;
  • Universal design principles for online courses. Case study for building inclusive online content;
  • Methods of inclusive education. Online communication tools. Inclusive presentation of materials on online learning platforms (OLP).

Representatives of the AFID project team from the State University of Trade and Economics presented step-by-step instructions for the inclusive video lectures in MS Teams and provided examples of measuring the results of inclusive education and the use of digital applications for inclusive education.

At the end of the training meeting, AFID project participants reflected on the challenges for inclusive digital education in today's realities. Analyzed existing courses in higher education institutions for compliance and ensuring full inclusion.

Project members discussed the structure, methodological tools, and content of the courses that will be offered on the virtual campus of the AFID Erasmus+CBHE project.